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Congratulations on joining the Early Start Program at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Summer Sessions 2017! The following information will help you get started as a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa student, including information on:

  • your UH username and UH email and
  • how to register for classes.

Your UH username and UH email
You will need a UH username to access all of the MyUH Services, which includes registration. Also, your UH username plus “” will be your UH email address. Important information from the University of Hawaiʻi will be emailed to your address, so check this email regularly. You can also view your UH email through

If you do not yet have a UH username, please go to If you have never used MyUH before, take the Student Tutorial (see Related Links on the home page of MyUH).

Registering for classes
Registration for new UH Mānoa students begins on March 14, 2017. For the Early Start Program, please register for a Summer Session II course (July 3 – August 11).

First, you must select the course or courses you want to take. To do so, visit UHM Class Availability at and click on Schedule of Courses. Note: You are looking for a course that runs during Summer Session II. (You can distinguish Summer Session II courses from Summer Session I courses by their section number, which is typically in the “700” series, e.g. 701, 702, 703. You can also look at the dates listed in the last column on Class Availability to discern if it’s a Summer Session II course.)

The "ESP 2017 Courses" list will be available in March. This is a list of introductory courses that would be appropriate for most ESP participants. Note: The Early Start Program also includes a noncredit course, once a week (day and time TBA), but you do not need to register for this noncredit course.

Once you have selected the course or courses you want to take in Summer Session II, you can register on or after March 14th through your MyUH account.

  • Under the "Home" tab click on "Add/Drop Courses."
  • Select "Summer" term by clicking on the Term drop-down box.
  • Add your course by selecting the "University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa" as the institution and enter the 5-digit Course Reference Number (CRN) and click "Submit Changes."

Finally, read carefully and look for registration errors. If you don't have any restrictions, error messages, or holds, you can add another course, drop a course, or complete the registration session. When you are finished adding and or dropping your courses, double-check your schedule and your student account balance to make sure there are no errors.

Things to keep in mind about registration
In case you have a registration error, you will not be able to register for a course until you resolve the problem. A description of an error would be in the "Status" column; for a list of restrictions, error messages, types of approval codes, and contacts, view the approval code/error messages table.

Each Outreach College course has an Academic Calendar that contains important registration dates and deadlines for the course. To access the Academic Calendar of your course, find your course in Class Availability, then click on the 5-digit CRN.

Also, check your class schedule in MyUH periodically as course offerings may be cancelled or meeting times, dates, or instructors may change after your registration is completed. Finally, please visit our website at for important information about our University policies and procedures.

» Early Start Home

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