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» Early Start Program Application Form
Application Deadline: May 15, 2017

"The Early Start program was an amazing experience for me! I met a lot of nice people, and the teachers that I met were nice too. It was so much easier learning how to maneuver around campus and manage my lifestyle during the summer when things weren't so crazy, and I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to get settled into college before I started the fall semester. Thanks for making my first college experience an awesome one! I am now fully prepared to be successful this fall…"

Early Start student  

Incoming UH Mānoa Freshmen

July 3 – August 11, 2017


bullseye Get the Early Start Advantage

Why wait until the fall? ESP gives you a chance to register for high demand courses in the summer so you can fulfill basic requirements earlier and with ease. Interact with faculty and advisors who can help you navigate your academic career. Get to know your way around campus, including Mānoa's libraries, recreational and health facilities, the John Young Museum of Art, and other student resources.

bullseye Meet Mānoa Students

While you take a Summer Session II course, build a community of friends with ESP peers and other UH Mānoa students. You'll have the opportunity to attend special activities designed for ESP participants that build relationships and academic skills, giving you a solid foundation for college life.


bullseye Live on Campus (optional)

On-campus student housing is more than just a place to sleep and eat. It's a dynamic learning environment where students learn about themselves and others. To develop positive communities, live-in professional and student staff members are present to help students make the transition to college by serving as resources and mentors, and by organizing fun and engaging activities. Over the past few years, UH Mānoa has spent over $80 million building new and modernizing existing residence halls. Students can now live in the most modern facilities available.

bullseye Save Money

By taking courses during the summer, ESP students pay the prior academic year's tuition rate. Out-of-state students pay resident tuition during the summer for an additional financial benefit.

Scholarships are available for Pell-eligible students and will cover UH Mānoa Summer Session II tuition, term fees, and lab fees for one course, including a lab section, if applicable (this will amount to 3-5 credits per student).

bullseye Courses

As an ESP student, you will take a credit course during Summer Session II (July 3–August 11). In addition to the credit course, you are required to attend a weekly, non-credit seminar specially designed for ESP. The goal of this seminar is to connect you to information and resources to facilitate your transition to college and help make your years at UH Mānoa more successful. For summaries of last summerĘ»s ESP seminars, click here.

bullseye Where to Start

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