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Introduction to Programming

Event ID: L12724
Info: Jun 15, 2013 • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sinclair Library Basement Room 3 • $135
With: Kyle Oba, Kevin McCarthy

Programming isn't just for geeks and engineers.  Find out how to use programming as a way to explore your ideas.  Use a visual approach allowing for more immediate feedback, and natural output. Learn to draw, animate, and experiment with software (that you write).

Programming is a tool, which requires you to think about how to solve your problems before you touch the keyboard.  Using the Processing framework (http://processing.org), this session starts you on the path of understanding how to think about programming. Processing is open source, free, and available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and based on Java.  It was designed as a learning and teaching tool. Brief demonstrations of Ruby and Python coding provide a dynamic counterpoint to Java.

"I want programming to be as immediate and fluid as drawing" - Reas, co-initiator of the Processing project.

Prerequisites: No previous programming experience is required.  Curiosity about how computers work is required.

Kyle Oba builds iOS apps at Pas de Chocolat, a local design/development shop he runs with his partner and designer, Cara Oba. They specialize in design research, mobile software, and digital art. Kyle has been building iOS apps since he bought his first iPhone 3G in 2009.

works as a professional software developer at RealGeeks in Kailua. He enjoys programming in Python, building advanced databases, and teaching. He has recently presented talks on topics such as Python, Machine Learning, and Git/GitHub.

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