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BOC® Level I Building Operator Certification

Event ID: A14812
Info: Sep 14, 21, Oct 12, 19, Nov 2, 16, 30, Dec 14, 2017 • Thu • 8:00am-4:00pm • 8 mtgs • UHM Krauss 12 • $1600 (General), $200 (with Hawaii Energy subsidy) • Sweater and brown bag lunch suggested • Apply by Aug 10 • Payment due by Aug 17
With: BOC Instructional Team

Attend six core courses - BOC 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006 and one elective, BOC 1009: Building Scoping for Operational Improvement, to satisfy course requirements for the BOC Level I certification. Pass 8 short exams and complete 5 homework projects to qualify for this nationally recognized Energy Star® award-winning certification.

The Level I Certification program includes:
BOC 1001: Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems
An overview of the BOC program and building systems fundamentals, with a focus on operation and maintenance of envelope, central heating, cooling, air and ventilating systems. Emphasizes group problem-solving and exercises for preventive maintenance. (Includes Building Floor Plan homework project.)

BOC 1002: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance
Address energy use in commercial buildings, identifying conservation opportunities, basic principles of energy accounting, evaluation of fuel options, operation and maintenance strategies to improve efficiency, and energy management planning techniques. (Includes Energy Star Portfolio Manager homework project.)

BOC 1003: Efficient Lighting Fundamentals
Focus on lighting fundamentals, types of lighting for economical and energy efficient lighting systems, evaluating lighting levels, quality and maintenance, lighting fixture and control technologies, common upgrades, retrofit and redesign options, and management strategies. (Includes Lighting Survey and Lighting Retrofit Case Study homework project.)

BOC 1004: HVAC Controls Fundamentals
Look at automatic control systems for building mechanical systems and equipment, HVAC control sequences and programming, targeting inefficiencies, evaluating potential problems, and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to review real time data and identify problems. (Includes HVAC Controls Review homework project.)

BOC 1005: Indoor Environmental Quality
Develop a method of diagnosis and solution for basic causes of indoor environmental quality problems. Includes dynamic components of indoor environmental quality, source control, occupant sensitivity and ventilation, and communicating with building occupants. (Includes Occupancy Schedule homework project.)

BOC 1006: Low-Cost Operational Improvements
Recognize common opportunities for the greatest energy savings potential. Includes typical areas and problems associated with different system types and equipment, as well as tools and techniques for identifying opportunities. (No additional homework project.)

BOC 1009: Building Scoping for Operational Improvement
Learn to create a prioritized scope of work and recognize opportunities for energy saving operational adjustments. Includes presentations and group discussions, as well as information gathering and analysis. (No additional homework project.)

The UH Outreach College BOC Level I instructional team team includes:

Rory Reiley, MBA, University of Phoenix, has worked in all phases of facility management, including the installation and maintenance of the facility equipment. As Chief Engineer at the TOPA Financial Center, Rory's expertise and hands on experience in the testing and evaluation of building systems has significantly improved the engineering department. Current modernization projects that bring value engineering to the TOPA Financial Center include fire alarm upgrades, direct digital controls and energy saving programs. As a certified BOC instructor, he helped the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui launch the first Hawai‘i BOC program in June 2010 and UH Manoa launch its program in Fall of the same year. Before his career in facilities management, Rory enjoyed a successful career in the U.S. Navy.

RJ Ritter, BS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, has been with Trane's Honolulu office for twenty-five years. He currently serves as Trane's System Sales Manager, focusing on providing commercial HVAC equipment, DDC controls and intelligent building services.

Michael J. Chang, Customer Solutions Developer at Hawaii Electric Company, contributes to the success and satisfaction of customers through solutions that engage and their service needs and expectations with the use of data, needs analysis, technical training, internal and external coordination. Michael previously worked for Hawaii Energy as their Chief Innovation Architect performing end-use and industry research, energy incentive program development and evaluation, pre-and-post project metering and utility account reviews, energy and financial audits, as well as the evaluation of new technology offerings and pilot/demonstration projects. Michael also served as the Branch Manager at Johnson Controls responsible for the planning and execution of the combined Systems and Service branches providing energy savings performance contract services, mechanical services, energy management, building controls, fire alarm/security systems. He executed energy performance contracts for state, county and federal facilities.

Kenton Beal, Vice President of Enpro Environmental, has twenty years of professional environmental project development and management experience with a strong emphasis on risk evaluation, risk ranking and environmental hazard assessment. He has experience in environmental management and prioritizing resource allocation to address environmental liabilities in a cost effective manner; developed thousands of project budgets for planning and implementation purposes; performed numerous RCRA hazardous waste characterization investigations, Phase I and II environmental investigations, remediation of soil and groundwater and environmental management of large construction projects. His projects have included urban renewal, remediation management at petroleum refineries, best management practices, storm water management, solid waste management, construction-related permitting, indoor air quality evaluations, closure of RCRA Treatment Storage and Disposal (TSD) facilities, remediation management for fungal contamination, evaluation of environmental issues related to lease disputes and commercial property transactions. Beal has also performed and managed hundreds of mold and moisture investigations, ranging from single-family residential properties to high-rise commercial and resort properties.

Stan Walerczyk, is principal of Lighting Wizards and chair of the Human Centric Lighting Society. His 28 years lighting experience includes distribution, maintenance, retrofit contracting, 3rd party review, consulting, design, luminaire design, policy-making and research. He assisted DOE research on spectrally enhanced lighting. He is a judge of the Architectural SSL Product Innovation and LEDs Magazine’s Sapphire Awards. He has written white papers and articles and his book Lighting &services, Energy Management, Building Controls, Fire Alarm/Security Systems. He executed Energy Controls: Transitioning to the Future was published by AEE. He has presented seminars at Lightfairs, AEE WEECs, IES Conferences, E Source Annual Forums, Strategies in Light, LightShow West, OLEDs Summit and Department of Energy Solid State Lighting Conference. He is a Certified Lighting Energy Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers, and is on their review.

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