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BOC 1002: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance

Event ID: A14814
Info: Oct 19, 2017 • Thu • 8:00am-4:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Krauss 12 • $200 (General) • Sweater and brown bag lunch suggested • Register/withdraw by Aug 31
With: Michael J. Chang

BOC 1002: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance follows Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems in the BOC Level I program.

This module covers how energy is used in commercial buildings and how to identify and prioritize conservation opportunities. Includes basic principles of energy accounting, evaluation of fuel options, operation and maintenance strategies to improve efficiency, and energy management planning techniques. Learn how to perform quantifiable evaluations of your facilities' energy use in order to be able to target prospects for energy conservation. A project, Benchmarking Your Building in Energy Star Portfolio Manager (ESPM), is due at the start of the next course, BOC 1003: Efficient Lighting Fundamentals.

By the end of this course, you are able to:

  1. List major energy loads in commercial buildings.

  2. Convert energy units to BTUs and calculate energy use index for your building.

  3. Cite the benefit of using spreadsheets to compute energy use indices and construct energy profiles for fuels used in the building.

  4. Identify and prioritize conservation opportunities.

  5. Identify opportunities to improve operation and maintenance procedures.

  6. Benchmark a building.

To qualify for Building Operator Certification, BOC 1002: Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance must be completed with BOC 1001, 1003, 1004, 1005, 1006, and 1009.

The United States Green Building Council (www.gbci.org) has approved the core BOC Level I curriculum for continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program. BOC 1002 is approved to earn LEED credential holders 8 continuing education hours.

Michael J. Chang, Customer Solutions Developer at Hawaii Electric Company, contributes to the success and satisfaction of customers through solutions that engage and their service needs and expectations with the use of data, needs analysis, technical training, internal and external coordination. Michael previously worked for Hawaii Energy as their Chief Innovation Architect performing end-use and industry research, energy incentive program development and evaluation, pre-and-post project metering and utility account reviews, energy and financial audits, as well as the evaluation of new technology offerings and pilot/demonstration projects. Michael also served as the Branch Manager at Johnson Controls responsible for the planning and execution of the combined Systems and Service branches providing energy savings performance contract services, mechanical services, energy management, building controls, fire alarm/security systems. He executed energy performance contracts for state, county and federal facilities.

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