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Noncredit Workshop

The Craft of Screenwriting

With: Brian Watanabe
Info: Mar 2-23 • Sat • 9:00am-12:00pm • 4 mtgs • UHM Kuykendall 305 • $160
Event ID: L12495

A fun and informative overview of the craft of screenwriting covering story, creating great characters, the basics of story structure, and the script to screen process. This four-class workshop for beginning and intermediate screenwriters covers:

Story - High-concept and juxtaposition. Loglines. Getting the big idea.
Character - Polarizing characters. Want/need/motivation. Character transformation.
Structure - Deconstructing 3-act structure. Conquering 110 pages. Building a roller coaster.
Script to Screen - How a screenplay becomes a film. Script to film comparisons with notes on craft.
A few screenwriting secrets, minor Hollywood stories and possible snacks.

Brian Watanabe is the screenwriter of The Rogues Gallery, which went on to become the cult film Operation: Endgame starring Rob Corddry, Maggie Q, and Zack Galifianakis. He`s developed scripts for production companies at Fox and Sony and is an award-winning advertising copywriter living in Hawaii.

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Supported in part by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

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