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Noncredit Workshop

Firehose Learn2Code Weekend

With: Marco Morawec, Ken Mazaika
Info: Jan 3-5, 2014 • Fri • 6:30-9:00pm • Sat/Sun • 9:00am-6:00pm • 3 mtgs • UHM Krauss 012 • $250
Event ID: L13045

Learn to code in one weekend! Learn to code and launch your product using the latest technology in one intense drink-from-the-firehose weekend. The event is perfect for non-technical people itching to build their own Minimum Viable Product (MVP), learn to code and finally attract a technical co-founder to their startup idea.

Friday evening is "install night" to set up everyone`s computer with the correct web development environment. Saturday and Sunday are 100% devoted to writing code and building an awesome web application using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Github and Heroku.

The class is taught by two web developers and UX experts, who have created this same FirehoseWeekend event in multiple cities and mentor young entrepreneurs in building products people want. Both have years of experience building products people want for some of the most successful startups in Boston (

Marco Morawec is a web developer and UX product manager. He currently builds MVPs for Startups and is a Startup Institute web dev alum and Angelhack (Boston`s biggest Hackathon) winner. Previously he was the user experience lead for peerTransfer building a $500M international tuition payment platform. Ken Mazaika is a Ruby on Rails web developer. Previously he has worked at PayPal/eBay. He is a Startup Institute instructor for the WebDev track and a Ruby on Rails contributor.

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