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Noncredit Workshop

SEO Essentials

With: Rob Bertholf
Info: Mar 5, 2016 • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C101 • $125
Event ID: L14185

9am - Introduction to Web Technology
An introduction to web technology providing terms and concepts which provide the foundation for marketing on the web. Learn how common buzzwords (Protocol/Domain Names/Servers/Browser/HTML, etc) tie together and walk through a quick history of where the web has come and where it is going. A must attend for anyone looking to gain or better clarify at a high level how the internet works and how their business fits in.

10:30am - Search Engine Fundamentals: What to know to grow your business online
One of Pacific New Media`s most popular classes is back for one session only! Learn from #1 Google ranked "Search Engine Optimization Expert" on how to position your website for success in the search engines.

Lunch - 12:30-1:30pm

1:30pm - Technical SEO: Nuts & bolts of increasing your website`s visibility
While geared to a technical crowd this is also great for anyone, marketing executives, business owners, looking to understand SEO terms they can discuss with their IT and marketing personnel. This session explores content infrastructure and architecture best practices, terms to know, and secrets for increased visibility in the search engines.

2:30pm - SEO KPI`s: Telling the story of online marketing success
This is must-attend for any marketing executive or business owner looking to better understand what drives success online. In this seminar we will work backwards from revenue to tactics telling a visual story of web marketing while discussing which KPI`s hold the key for unlocking profitability.

Rob Bertholf, a software engineer and social media trend spotter, was one of the first twitter users, grabbing a coveted twitter handle @rob. Social influence company, Klout, invited Rob to join their esteemed Klout Squad board of advisors after he launched, a website that ranks top social media influencers within Hawaii, with the ability to duplicate to other geographic regions. Rob is extensively familiar with all major social media platforms and teaches regularly at Pacific New Media. He has consulted on social media strategies for organizations of all sizes including overseeing the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency`s social media campaign for the Rio +20 United Nations Summit. Rob created a project management and CRM software that allows web design companies to quickly scale operations. He is using similar technology and business model for SurroundsMe to help small businesses automate their social media marketing content and maximize their return on investment.

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