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Noncredit Workshop

Photographic Lighting: How to See it and Control it - Cancelled

With: Ric Noyle
Info: Mar 25, 2017 • Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C101 • Registration before 3/4/17 - $122; Registration after 3/4/17 - $135
Event ID: L14674

A critical part of any photographer`s skill set requires a good understanding of lighting your subject. Natural light is ideal but often requires a knowledge of how to use what you see and then control and modify your lighting equipment to obtain the image you wish to create. Learn about photographic lighting in several different types of situations that require color corrected controlled light: objects on white backgrounds, people on a controlled background, and controlling lighting outdoors. Learn to use umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors, overhead silks, lighting equipment and lighting set-ups.

To insure your place in this workshop, please register by March 18. Under the new Outreach College guidelines, if the class doesn`t meet minimum enrollment a week in advance it will be canceled.

One of the premier photographers in the Pacific Rim, Ric Noyle serves a diverse international clientele from his home base in Honolulu. For more than 30 years, he has excelled in photography`s most demanding genres - fashion, food, people, resorts and aerial - bringing a fresh eye and a unique approach to each one. Ric has been using Capture One for all of his RAW file processing.

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