Yes.  As long as you have not taken courses for the required amount of semesters (Fall and/or Spring) as specified in the terms of your suspension/dismissal, you can take Outreach College courses.  Please note that after submitting your application, you may be contacted by an Outreach College advisor to discuss your academic situation.

No, your status as a UH Manoa student begins in the Fall and does not go backwards. Before you can register, you will need to be admitted for the Summer semester.

Undergraduate students may not need to apply. Contact Outreach College Student Services to request Summer admission.

Graduate students and International students must submit an application for the UHM Outreach College Non-Degree Seeking, Unclassified Programs.

You are in good academic standing if you are neither on probation nor subject to suspension or dismissal.

Since you did not enroll in any courses, the registration system will not allow you to register for the next semester.  You will need to submit a new application.

For UHM Classified students who receive a Leave of Absence from their School/College Student Academic Services office, you do not need to re-apply when you return.