Add a course

Register for a course on STAR GPS. View the last day to add on the course Academic Calendar.

The last day to add is also the last day to:

  • Switch sections of the same course.
  • Change grading options.
  • Change the number of credits for a variable credit course.

Audit a course

Auditors are regularly admitted students who:

  • Register with the instructor’s consent.
  • Do not take exams nor receive grades or credits.
  • Pay full tuition and fees.

How to audit a course:

  1. The course must have “audit” as a grading option (see the course Academic Calendar).
  2. Contact Outreach College Student Services to request the Audit Approval Form.
  3. Submit forms with approvals by the last day to add.

Waitlist a course

  • If a closed course has a waitlist, add yourself on STAR GPS.
  • The waitlist is open until the day before the term begins.

If a space opens, an email is sent to your UH Email.

  1. Your will be given a deadline (24 hours) to register on STAR GPS.
  2. If you miss the deadline, your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist.


  • To avoid unwanted financial and academic penalties (e.g., financial obligation and/or an “F” grade) drop your course before it begins.
  • View your course academic calendar for drop, withdrawal, and refund dates, as you are responsible for making registration changes by these deadlines.

Financial Aid Recipients

Please consult with a financial aid counselor from your home institution before dropping your course. You may be required to repay a portion of or all the aid you received (including tuition waivers).

Drop without a “W” grade

  1. Drop a course on STAR GPS.
  2. View the last day to drop without a “W” grade on the course Academic Calendar.

For drops with refunds, drop the course by the last day to receive 100% or 50% tuition refund.

Drop with a “W” grade

  • Withdraw from a course on STAR GPS.
  • View the last day to withdraw on the course Academic Calendar.
  • Dropping with a “W” grade means that you are withdrawing from the course and will receive a “W” grade.
  • There will be no refunds for tuition and fees.

Complete Withdrawal

  1. You may drop all your UH Mānoa courses on STAR GPS.
  2. View the last day to drop, withdraw, and for refunds on the course Academic Calendar.

For UHM Classified students, we strongly encourage reaching out to your college/school advisor if you completely withdraw from the Fall or Spring Extension terms. Students who withdraw from their last UH Mānoa course will be inactivated and will need to reapply for admission unless they are on an approved Leave of Absence.

Cancelled courses

Cancellation decisions are made about a week before the course begins. If courses are cancelled by the University, students will receive notification at their UH Email and will be dropped from the course.

If your course is cancelled:

  1. Register for an alternative course on STAR GPS.
  2. If you do not select another course, a 100% tuition refund will be issued.


To receive tuition refunds as a direct deposit to your checking account sign up for eRefund through your MyUH account. Please allow 6 business days for the pre-note verification process before eRefund will be activated. Go to University of Hawaiʻi FAQs for Student eCommerce Services for additional information.

Refunds for payments made by cash or check will be deposited directly into your eRefund account or mailed to your current mailing address. Credit card refunds posted within 90 days of the original credit card payment will be posted to the most recent credit card used.

Summer Refunds

Refunds for non-financial aid students will be processed starting July 15, 2022. To request a refund earlier email ocfiscal@hawaii.edu from your UH hawaii.edu email address. Be sure to include your name and UH Student ID number in your correspondence.