Activate Your UH Username

Your UH Username gives you access to important University resources including:
  • GMAIL (your UH Email account for official correspondence from the University)
  • Laulima (access your course online, communicate with your instructors and classmates)
  • MyUH Services (access your UH account, financial information, pay your bill)
  • STAR GPS (register for classes, view grades)
For assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk
Get a UH Username

Check Class Availability & Course Academic Calendars

Consult course listings regularly for the most up-to-date information on available classes, cancellations, course additions, and changes in meeting times, locations, and instructors. 

Each course has its own Academic Calendar that includes course details and deadlines to add, drop, withdraw, and refunds.  Click on the Course Reference Number (CRN) to the left of the course on Class Availability to view its Academic Calendar.

Class Availability

Meet With an Academic Advisor

College or School Academic Advisors help with academic planning and course selection.  Whether you are a continuing UH student or a visiting student for the summer, you should ask your academic advisor if the courses you select will count toward your degree.

UH Manoa Advisors

Clear Holds

Certain holds prevent you from adding and dropping classes. Holds may be placed on your account if you have not fulfilled certain requirements such as:
  • Academic Advising
  • Financial Obligation
To view holds and the offices to contact:
  1. Login to MyUH Services or STAR GPS.
  2. Search for or click View Holds.
  3. To remove holds, contact the office that placed the hold on your record.

Prerequisites and Placement Exams

Prerequisite Courses:

The Mānoa Course Catalog provides course descriptions and requirements. Pre: indicates the prerequisites necessary to register for a course, which may include courses, general education designation, class standing, consent of the instructor or departmental approval. Some prerequisites may be taken concurrently. When a department has a prerequisite common to a large group of courses, that fact is noted in italics preceding these course listings as a blanket statement.

If you think you need approval to register for a course, visit the department website as they may have instructions for requesting an override. Otherwise, contact the instructor or Academic Department office for assistance.

UH Manoa Catalog
Placement Exams:

Some departments require that you take a placement exam before enrolling in a particular course.  If you plan on registering for a course in one of the following academic departments, see the department’s website for information on placement testing.

  • Chemistry
  • Languages
  • Math
  • Physics
Placement Exams

Submit Health Clearance

Our campus has partnered with Med+Proctor for the clearance of Health Immunization Records. For instructions, please visit University of Hawaiʻi Health Clearance Requirements.

In order to enroll in In-person or Hybrid courses, please submit your completed health immunizations. Otherwise, we welcome you to register for online courses. 

UH Health Clearance Requirements

Register Online

Create a class schedule and register for courses online through the STAR GPS Registration System.

For non-STAR registration problems, contact Outreach College Student Services
For STAR assistance, please contact the STAR Team

STEP 1: Login to STAR GPS 

STEP 2: Under the GPS Registration tab, click the “Register – Add/Drop Course” button in the Semester box (e.g. Fall 20xx).

STEP 3: Complete the Pre-Registration Checklist, if needed.  For example, you may be asked to read the terms of registration.  Click “I have read and agree…” and click “Continue”.

STEP 4: Choose the appropriate option from your program of study course requirements OR click “Add Personal Choice”.  Then click “Select a Course”.

STEP 5: On the course search page, ensure the semester is the Extension term (e.g. Fall 20xx Extension).  If you have the 4-digit CRN, enter it in the CRN field.  If you do not have a CRN, search for courses using the filter fields.  NOTE: For Summer Sessions, ensure the semester is the Summer term and enter the 5-digit CRN if you have it.

STEP 6: Click “Search” to bring the course up for registration.

STEP 7: Select the radio button/circle next to the course.

STEP 8: Click “Checkout”.

STEP 9: Click “Submit Registration Changes”.  If successful, you will be officially registered for the course.

Take note of any registration errors and obtain overrides as needed.  Then login to attempt registration again.

STEP 10: In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click the View/Pay button to view your charges and pay for your courses.

STAR Resources

Find step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos, and the STAR Help Team to assist in navigating your way through registration.

1..Before you login, click “RESOURCES” at the top right of the login page.

2..After you login, on the top right, click the question mark icons to find help or click on the video links.


  1. Located at the top right-hand corner under your name, click on the drop down menu to see your degree program curriculum.
  2. Your most current degree program record will show.
  3. Some returning students may receive an error message: “It appears you are not an active student for the term.”
    1. If the incorrect curriculum was selected, click and change the program.

Search for courses by Campus and Semester

  • Outreach College courses are offered in the Fall Extension, Spring Extension, Summer Extension, and Summer Sessions semesters.

In the search fields on the left:

  1. UH Manoa should be selected as Campus.
  2. Summer (year-YYYY) should be selected for Summer Sessions 1 and 2 (5-digit CRNs)
  3. Semester YYYY Extension should be selected for Extension Term courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer (4-digit CRNs).

Add a personal choice to start your search for courses.

(!) Make sure to complete the registration checklist in order to move on to adding a course.

  1. To the left of the screen, click the “ADD PERSONAL CHOICE” button.
  2. “SELECT A COURSE” in blue will appear in the line above the button.  Click it to search for your course.

You must search for the course under “CRN” in the search engine.

(!)  Only input the CRN, not what the title or subject is; otherwise, the system will error and state that the course cannot be found.

  • If the search results report that there are no open classes, click on the “switch” to show closed courses. 
  • If you are unable to find or register for the CRN, contact the department or person who gave you the CRN and/or information about the course, for further assistance.

Submit Payment

Pay for courses via STAR GPS or MyUH Services (View My Student Account).

MyUH Services