Aloha e nā haumāna,

E komo mai!  Welcome! Congratulations on being accepted into one of Outreach College’s online degree completion programs.  We are glad you’re here to finish what you started and we want to help by giving you some basic resources to guide your next steps.

E kaupē aku nō i ka hoe, a kō mai.
Put forward the paddle and draw it back.
[Go on with the task that is started and finish it.]

Don’t forget, one major benefit of enrolling in an online degree completion program is that you get to register for extension term classes on the first day of registration, regardless of your STAR registration time ticket. Just follow the registration steps below.


  • MYUH Services:
    • One-stop site for forms, apps, services and more, including one-click access to your student information.
    • Find links to your UH Email, your online courses (i.e. Laulima), your grades, STAR GPS Registration, and more.

The University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Office of Admissions will notify you of your acceptance via the email you provided on your application.  Please read the email carefully as it will provide you with information relevant to your acceptance at UHM.

Your UH Username gives you access to important University resources including:
  • GMAIL (your UH Email account for official correspondence from the University)
  • Laulima (access your course online, communicate with your instructors and classmates)
  • MyUH Services (access your UH account, financial information, pay your bill)
  • STAR GPS (register for classes, view grades)

Paying for College

  • Apply to FAFSA
  • Direct all Financial Aid questions to a UHM Financial Aid representative.  View Financial Aid Services for information on how to make an appointment.
  • Students wishing to enroll concurrently at a community college and utilize Financial Aid must be registered for at least 6 credits at UHM as well as submit the concurrent enrollment form.  Contact your academic advisor for more information.
  • Scholarships: In general, scholarship applications are open from October to March of the year prior
  • Veterans Benefits

Who are my advisors?  (How advising works at UH Mānoa)

UH Mānoa’s colleges & schools use different advising models. In general, all students at UHM have two main advisors, although in some cases, the two advisors are the same person:

  • A college/school advisor
  • A major advisor

As a student pursuing an online degree completion program, you have an additional progam advisor who you can reach out to as well.

College of Social Sciences Advising

What courses should I take?

  • Connect with your school/college advisor for assistance with registration planning.
  • Outreach College will be offering the online courses you will be registering for.
  • Outreach College courses are found in the Extension terms and Summer terms.


Browse Mānoa Outreach College Courses

  • Check Class Availability for the latest course information.
  • Select the Fall Extension, Spring Extension, or Summer terms to find your courses.
  • Click on the course 'CRN' for withdrawal deadlines as well as contact information for instructors.  Then click 'Details' for brief course descriptions and prerequisites.
  • Class Availability will be updated in April prior for Fall semester courses and October prior for Spring semester courses.


  • Undergraduate courses are numbered 100 - 499
  • Lower division (LD) courses are numbered 100 - 299, upper division (UD) are numbered 300 - 499
  • Most courses are 3 credits each
  • Full time registration is considered to be 12 credits



  • Refer to the UHM Catalog for brief course descriptions and prerequisite (pre:) requirements (note that classes listed in the UHM Catalog are not offered every semester).
  • If you want to register for a UHM Outreach College course that has a prerequisite or restriction, a course override will be needed in order to register for the course.
  • An override does not register you for a class, it only gives you permission to register.
  • Contact the instructor or Academic Department office to request a restriction override.
  • Prerequisite overrides can only be given by the course instructor or department with few exceptions.


  • Consult course listings regularly for the most up-to-date information on available classes, cancellations, course additions, and changes in meeting times, locations, and instructors.
  • Each course has its own Academic Calendar that includes course details and deadlines to add, drop, withdraw, and refunds.  Click on the Course Reference Number (CRN) to the left of the course on Class Availability to view its Academic Calendar.

Clear Holds

  • Certain holds prevent you from adding and dropping classes.  Holds may be placed on your account if you have not fulfilled certain requirements such as:
    • academic advising
    • financial obligation
  • To view holds and the offices to contact for assistance:
  1. Login to MyUH Services or STAR GPS.
  2. Search for or click View Holds.
  3. To remove holds, contact the office that placed the hold on your record.

Learn How to Register

  • All UHM students register for classes through the UHM student portal, MYUH
  • Click on 'STAR GPS Registration' and log in with your UH credentials
  • Watch the STAR GPS Registration video for new students
  • Study the UHM Registration Guide for more detailed registration instructions


Know When to Register

Register Online and Submit Payment

STAR GPS Registration Step-By-Step

STEP 1: Login to STAR GPS 

STEP 2: Under the GPS Registration tab, click the “Register – Add/Drop Course” button in the Semester box (e.g. Fall 20xx).

STEP 3: Complete the Pre-Registration Checklist, if needed.  For example, you may be asked to read the terms of registration.  Click “I have read and agree…” and click “Continue”.

STEP 4: Choose the appropriate option from your program of study course requirements OR click “Add Personal Choice”.  Then click “Select a Course”.

STEP 5: On the course search page, ensure the semester is the Extension term (e.g. Fall 20xx Extension).  If you have the 4-digit CRN, enter it in the CRN field.  If you do not have a CRN, search for courses using the filter fields.  NOTE: For Summer Sessions, ensure the semester is the Summer term and enter the 5-digit CRN if you have it.

STEP 6: Click “Search” to bring the course up for registration.

STEP 7: Select the radio button/circle next to the course.

STEP 8: Click “Checkout”.

STEP 9: Click “Submit Registration Changes”.  If successful, you will be officially registered for the course.

Take note of any registration errors and obtain overrides as needed.  Then login to attempt registration again.

STEP 10: In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click the View/Pay button to view your charges and pay for your courses.

View Tuition & Fees for Extension or Summer and Payment Information for Extension or Summer for more details.

Tuition & Fees

  • As an online degree completion program student, you will be taking online courses in the Fall Extension, Spring Extension, and Summer terms.
  • Please be aware that UHM Outreach College Extension term courses do not count toward the UHM full-time tuition cap for the standard fall or spring term.  Tuition for the Extension and Summer terms is charged per credit hour and in addition to standard term tuition.


  • To avoid financial penalties, drop your course(s) within the 100% refund period
  • View the last day to drop and receive a refund on the Academic Calendar for each course (CRN required).
  • Sign up for eRefunds through MyUH (Pay Tuition & Fees, Refund tab)

Visit the UH Mānoa Bookstore to purchase any books and supplies you may need for your classes.


No.  As long as you register for only online courses, you may register without meeting the UH Health Clearance Requirements.

Each course has its own Academic Calendar, so be sure to review each of your courses to be aware of these important deadlines.  Find by CRN on the calendar search page, or click on the CRN in Class Availability to view Academic Calendars.

To avoid financial and academic penalties (“F” or “W” grade), you must drop any unwanted classes prior to the 100% tuition refund deadline listed on the academic calendar for that specific course.

Yes.  Plan to attend class from the first day of instruction as instructors are required to verify attendance. Attendance may affect your final course grade.

Yes.  Students are responsible for verifying their registration is accurate and payments are processed.  Avoid financial and academic penalties by dropping courses within the 100% refund period. See our Course Academic Calendar for 100% refund deadlines.

Advising in College of Social Sciences (CSS) Online Programs

Academic and Student Support 

Opt-In Benefits for Strictly Online Learners

Policies & Procedures

Technical Support

Check out UH's free online learning orientation.  Watch the introductory video and then register for the free orientation class using the link on the site.

The orientation provides you with a preview of an online class so that you can become familiar with distance learning through the University of Hawaiʻi. The readings, videos, and activities are all designed to explain the basics of online learning. You will also learn about expectations, self-management strategies, features of Laulima, and connecting with campus and system resources.

The orientation usually takes students between 1-2 hours to complete depending on your comfort level with technology and reading speed. You can access the orientation content 24/7 at your own convenience. It is highly suggested you complete the orientation before taking your first online course.