What is IS?

The UH Outreach College on Maui provides individualized advising for Interdisciplinary Studies, a self-designed major equivalent that focuses on Human Relations in Organizations (HUMRO). Under the HUMRO theme, students are able to take courses on conflict resolution, environmental issues such as ways to malama ‘aina, multicultural perspectives, and creative expression.

At the time of application, you must moreover be in good academic standing – that is, you must have a minimum GPR of 2.0. Your overall grades must be better if you are thinking of including courses in your major from programs that have a higher admissions requirement. In such cases you must have a cumulative GPR of at least 2.75 or a GPR of at least 2.75 for both of the last two full semesters. Most importantly, when you are ready to submit an acceptable proposal, you must still have at least 21 credits of course work to undertake in your major equivalent beginning with the subsequent semester or term. This 21-credit rule is, in effect, our only deadline; it prohibits retroactive patchworks of unrelated courses, and ensures that you obtain academic counseling while there is still time for effective planning. Most students avoid any difficulty with this rule by completing their arrangements for a major equivalent early in their junior years.

What Can You Do With Interdisciplinary Studies?

After graduation, IS students generally pursue higher-level degrees in fields like Education, Business Administration, Social Work, Law and other areas requiring a bachelorʻs degree.

Minor or Certificate Options

Students may further their education by pursuing the Peace Studies Certificate in conjunction with the Interdisciplinary Studies major. Other minor/certificate programs may be available, see the Maui Advisor.