Making Changes to Your IS Proposal

After we have classified you as an IS major, you must follow your academic plan as approved. Planning your program so that you are able to take all your courses in a timely manner is your responsibility. We recommend you start taking your major courses if they are offered. That would allow you to prevent scheduling conflicts related to major courses and even occasional instances of course cancellations in a particular semester. However, you may need to change a course that you had planned to take according to your proposal for a valid reason. If there are good reasons for doing so, you will need to obtain written consent in advance during the registration period for the following semester. Here is how to proceed:

  1. Discuss the change with the Maui IS advisor.
  2. Submit an email request to the Interdisciplinary Studies faculty identifying the course that you are cancelling and the one that you will add as a replacement. Explain the reason for this change.
  3. Once the IS faculty approves, fill out an Interdisciplinary Studies Course Change form with pertinent information.
  4. Sign the form, and submit the signed form to the Maui IS advisor for approval and processing.

Remember to obtain approval from your Interdisciplinary Studies faculty for your change before you start the course. Courses that you have already taken or started cannot be deleted or changed for another one. The idea is that although you can modify your plans, you can do so only with IS faculty consultation and completion of the appropriate procedures.


All courses in your general education core and in your major equivalent must be taken for letter grades (unless credit/no credit is the mandatory option by a certain department. You must pass all the courses in your major equivalent with at least a C. If you receive a C-, D or F in such a course, you must take it again or an approved substitute until you earn a C or better grade. The grade point ratio of the courses in your major equivalent must be at least 2.5 in order for you to graduate with Interdisciplinary Studies. If it is below 2.5, you will need to add more courses, with our approval in advance, and earn better grades until you achieve that minimum required GPR.