In addition to TOEFL Preparation and Testing we offer a Tutoring and Interchange program for international students.

Arrival Course in English (ACE) Non-credit

This is an asynchronous online course for students who are arriving in Hawaii to enroll in NICE Programs. Students are taking this course in Hawaii. Topics to be covered may include: being safe, daily life and language use in Hawaii,…

TOEFL Institutional Test Non-credit

The Institutional TOEFL test may be taken by UH students only.  An official score will be issued within 2-3 weeks.

TOEFL Preparation Course and Test Non-credit

This course prepares students for taking the institutional, paper-based TOEFL test.  Course includes official institutional test on last day.

TOEIC Institutional Test Non-credit

This is an official TOEIC institutional test. 

TOEIC Preparation Course and Test Non-credit

Is the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) in your future? Be prepared for the two sections of the paper-based TOEIC:  listening and reading.  Focus on test-taking strategies and strategies for using Business English in the workplace.  The class…