Keith & Carmen performed in Waikiki, throughout the Islands and abroad for more than 40 years.  The husband and wife duo starred in The Royal Hawaiian Hotel for more than 17 years. He is the composer of more than 200 songs in a variety of genre, in English and Hawaiian, and has been likened to Pete Seeger and often called “the Burl Ives of Hawai`i.” Reviewers have described Carmen as “the premier solo hula dancer in Waikiki” and that she has the “voice of an angel” and “the loveliest of hula hands.  After nearly 50 years of performing Hawaiian songs, Keith went back to his “roots” and made his mark singing American folk and country music as well.  He is a retired music and Hawaiian language teacher, and Carmen devoted more than 25 years to teaching solo hula and as an alaka`i in a halau hula.


A program of traditional American and Hawaiian folk and fun songs, and hula. Audiences are encouraged to sing along.


Two voice mics on two stands; one mic for an acoustic `ukulele (they provide a bracket); a mic line for the direct input of a second `ukulele.

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