Dave Del Rocco

Photo Credit: Joe Leong



Dave Del Rocco shares folktales from every corner of the globe, including Laos, Hawai‘i, Italy, Alaska, the Philippines, Africa, and more. These tales, appropriate for all ages but especially for children ages 5-12, are mostly funny and explain how different cultures view aspects of their world.

Dave Del Rocco has been a student of the Hawaiian language for many years and in 2006 completed a degree in Hawaiian language at the University of Hawai‘i, where he also obtained a Masters Degree in Library Studies. He has translated thirteen children’s books into Hawaiian for the Department of Education’s immersion program, and has done the Hawaiian translation for two commercially produced children’s books. The Hawai‘i Book Publishers Association awarded one of his translated books, “The Shark Man of Hana,” the 2005 Ka Palapala Pookela Award for excellence in children’s Hawai‘ian culture.

He worked as a librarian for the Hawai‘i State Public Library System for nearly eighteen years, twelve of those as a children’s librarian. He was selected as Hawai‘i’s Public Librarian of the Year for 1998. He is now working as a Hawaiian Culture and Social Studies teacher at Punahou School.

He began storytelling while working as a new librarian at the Hawai‘i Kai branch. David has made four storytelling circuits throughout the statewide library system, visiting 47 libraries on six islands. He has also shared stories for a library conference in Corvallis, Oregon at Oregon State University, and at workshops in American Samoa with librarians, parents, and students.

He originally comes from New Jersey although has lived in Hawai‘i for over 40 years. His undergraduate degree is in Spanish, from Rutgers University, and he has a great interest in languages. Before becoming a librarian and teacher, he worked as a flight attendant for a number of years. He is also interested in cooking, traveling, hiking, singing, and dancing hula.




Technical: Microphone for audiences of 100 or more
Age Level Appropriateness: Preschool – senior citizens
Type of Program: Lecture/Demonstration


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