Greywolf’s series of lectures are tailored for each appropriate age group, kindergarten through adults, and presented in a format that is a clear and enlightening look at the reality of medieval life without focusing on the gore and carnage that is usually associated with lectures of this type.

These lectures feature authentic handcrafted weapons and antiques, period costumes, practical demonstrations, and audience participation. It is truly a hands-on experience for all ages.

Greywolf is a Native American with over 20 years of experience in weapons smithing as well as the island’s only professional medieval armorer. In addition to being a student of medieval history, he is a martial arts instructor and founder of “The Golden Horde,” a local non-profit living historical organization.


“The History of Food and Nutrition” – This presentation covers where food came from, how we as people began cooking and how that process changed our future. The lecture will begin in the distant past and cover how we transformed from simple to very complex ways of preparing our food. It will also cover where foods came from in the old world and the new. Cooking and food prep tools from the stone age to pre-modern will be displayed and used in the presentation.

“Women Warriors in History” – the role of women in war from the early ages up to the 18th century.

“Heroes of the Classical Era”

“Women Warriors of Europe or Asia”

Short-and long term residency that includes hands on workshops in the following areas:

Native Americans – make a teepee or other crafts

Asian – Chinese lion or dragon head and tail

Leather Crafting- workshop on how to make simple items from leather

Medieval – make a tunic or set up a village, make a helmet & shield from cardboard



Technical: Please inquire for each program requested

Age Level Appropriateness: geared to appropriate ages, kindergarten-adult