SCEP is happy to welcome Lee Eisenstein as a new artist for the 2016-2017 season!
Lee Eisenstein, Hoku Award winner, is a Spanish classical guitarist, Hawaii slack key guitarist, midi electric guitarist and singer. Lee plays classical style guitar on a high-tech midi guitar, that can sound like anything from a harpsichord, female choirs, exotic sounding instruments or a full orchestra, as well as the guitar, at the same time. Performing four hundred years of guitar music and popular songs, and promoting the benefits of classical music training, Mr. Eisenstein’s love and enthusiasm for music, shows at every performance.

Mr. Eisenstein has been a featured performer at the Cabrillo Music Festival, Berkeley Guitar Festival, San Francisco Palace of the Legion of Honor, 1750 Arch St. Concert Series, Japan Expo, Inter-Arts Hawaii and Kau Concert Society.  His music has been featured in the award winning program, “Emmi’s Island Moments,” and his recording, “ Songs For A Dreamer,” was the featured, in-house music of the IMAX Theater, Waikiki.

“A single classical guitarist so good, he can make you cry.”…Los Angeles


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