The Hawaiian Serenaders is a husband and wife duo is comprised of Richard Tom on ukulele bass, and Mele Fong on ukulele. Hear samples by visiting their website here.

History of the ‘Ukulele and Concert
Learn about the ‘ukulele, Hawai‘i’s official instrument, from a Native Hawaiian. Learn the history, types, parts, and tuning the instrument, and how playing the ‘ukulele has evolved from rhythm accompaniment to a solo instrument. Listen to how applying different rhythm patterns affect the feel of a song. Discover the stories behind the songs as you enjoy a musical mixed plate of Hawaiian, hapa haole, pop and jazz standards that maybe unexpected to hear played on the ‘ukulele (such as songs from the Big Band era). Learn about the versatility of the little instrument that was supported by a Hawaiian king and has grown in popularity by ‘ukulele players around the world today.

The Nostalgic Hawaiian Music
This program offers a musical journey through time as Hawaiian and hapa haole music evolved in Hawai’i.

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