Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dogs playing at a family Pau Hana at Manoa Gardens at UH.

Uncle Wayne creates a dynamic, fun-filled hour of singing, dancing, music-making and stories using his guitar, ukulele, drums, puppets, and egg shakers (enough for everybody) along with his extensive knowledge of child development, his love and passion for music, the natural environment of Hawai?i and his ability to connect with young children (birth to 8 years). His age appropriate, custom designed sing-along concerts carry the important themes of caring for each other (anti-bullying, Elem. K-2), caring for the oceans and the creatures that live there, the joy of reading and using imagination for positive musical fun. Children talk about Uncle Wayne and singing his songs long after he’s gone.
Uncle Wayne started his musical career in 1969 as a volunteer teacher’s aide singing and dancing with the children at his mother’s preschool. After finishing a BA in Early Childhood Education, he worked as a preschool teacher in the swamps of North Florida for 15 years and played music with the children everyday. He moved to Maui in 1993 with his wife and daughter where he has continued playing his positive, upbeat, original songs for children and families in preschools, elementary schools, libraries and festivals throughout the state. His “day jobs” while being a children’s entertainer have included: PATCH Coordinator for Maui, Early Childhood Education instructor at UH Maui College and director of the University of Hawai?i at Manoa Children’s Center. In 2010, he formed the family folk band “Uncle Wayne and the Howling Dog Band”. He has recorded three cds and has dozens of live performance videos on Youtube. Since leaving UH in 2015, he has been performing full-time with his band or solo wherever he is invited.

Here is what Kathleen Ageton, Youth Services Librarian at Kihei Library and Hawai?i Librarian of the year 2007 had to say about Uncle Wayne’s performances:

“ I don’t trust just anyone to present a program to the toddlers and preschoolers at our library. It is a rare talent that can hold the attention of young children for up to an hour. Uncle Wayne does not disappoint. Uncle Wayne’s understanding of young children and their need to move, to express themselves, to learn and to listen, is unmatched in performers I have encountered. I have seen this man keep 200+ young children and their parents, enthralled with positive and always-entertaining songs, movement and stories. Always professional, he can be counted on with his communication and performance arrangements”.

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