A long commute could not keep this graduate from finishing her degree.

For Amilia “Mimi” Castro, the second time was the charm. In 2015, Castro stopped attending UH Mānoa when her commute from Waianae became a challenge. Castro met Johnson through a knitters group. At Johnson’s recommendation, Castro reached out and by spring 2017, Castro was attending UH Mānoa full-time, and is pursuing her degree in art.
“I think what’s most valuable about this program is that you feel like you have someone specific helping you, it’s not just this anonymous email or like a mailing bot,” said Castro. “So, it just feels like a really personal experience that helped me feel so much more comfortable coming back and it’s almost like a support system within UH helping me.”“We tried to innovate this program so that the students would be very successful at the program and finishing their degrees,” added Outreach College Dean William “Bill” Chismar.
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This story courtesy of UH News.