Halloween Special
Storytellers Alton Chung, Jeff Gere, and Janine Oshiro
Sunday, October 29 • 2:00pm
FREE – registration required

In-Person at UH Mānoa Krauss Hall 012
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The Statewide Cultural Extension Program (SCEP), a program of UH Mānoa Outreach College, hosts a special Halloween Storytelling presentation in person and online on Sunday, October 29 at 2pm. Three storytellers will share their spooky stories during this free hour-long presentation.

Alton Chung: Up On The Mountain

“This is a true story given to me by a local spiritual healer, whom we shall call Mrs. Umaku.  She gathered together the  six men involved in this story and had them talk about what happened to them about a year after it occurred in 2018.  These men are all lifeguards or former lifeguards and are all really close, almost like brothers.  She recorded the story digitally and gave me the recorder to transcribe the story.” – Alton Chung

Story Synopsis: Six young Hawaiian men hike into the Koolau Mountains for a weekend camping trip.  They  camp in the rain and want to get off the mountain as soon as possible, as they knew that they were not alone.  Something terrified them and stalked through their camp late at night.  After a sleepless night, they spent hours the next day hiking seemingly endless trails to get back to civilization.  Unfortunately, something followed them home.

Jeff Gere

“On a storytelling tour I pulled over at the sign “garage sale”…. We five unloaded and ambled into a beat up garage. When I recognized the host lady, my blood turned to ice – I knew her… too late to turn and run. She had already started her story of life and death in the balance of answers to three riddles…. it was terrifying.” – Jeff Gere’

Janine Oshiro: Mother’s Sweets

Janine Oshiro loves creating storytelling programs that explore the sparks between our collective folk and fairy tales and personal stories. For Halloween she will share a version of the haunting Japanese folktale Kosodate Yurei, as well as a personal story about a mother’s love that knows no boundaries.