The Art of Taiko

The Art of Taiko with Kenny Endo and Taiko Center of the Pacific
February 5, 2022  7:30pm HST

Tickets to see this concert in person at UH Mānoa Orvis Auditorium

This hybrid concert will feature Taiko Center of the Pacific’s (TCP) Performing Ensemble and Youth Group (YG). Kenny Endo and TCP have been entertaining Hawai‘i audiences since 1990 when Endo settled in Honolulu after spending 10 years in Japan. Though based in Honolulu, TCP has been influential on the taiko scene in Hawai‘i and throughout the country. TCP’s Fellowship program has brought numerous promising taiko practitioners from all over the globe to study taiko at the TCP school. Due to the pandemic, TCP has pivoted to online classes and is in need ot a place to call home. Besides traditional and contemporary taiko pieces, Edo Kotobuki Jishi, the traditional lion dance of old Tokyo, will be performed to beckon good luck and good fortune for all in 2022.