Statewide Cultural Extension Program
Era of Change – Stories from Hawai‘i: Before, During and After the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

UHM Music Orvis Auditorium
Thursday, July 6
Cost = Free but registration required

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In pre-war and the World War II years of the 1930’s to 1950’s Hawai‘i entered the world scene. From the popular radio show, Hawaii Calls hosted by Webley Edwards and the appeal of Hawaiian music on the mainland which featured such legendary artists as Gabby Pahinui, Johnny Alameida, Alfred Apaka, and the hapa-haole music of R. Alex Anderson.

The World War II years, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, was an era of dramatic transition and change culturally, socially, economically, environmentally and politically. Even today we are troubled by the fuel storage stations from World War II that are polluting our water table on Oahu.

How those changes affected the lives of ordinary residents during that era were recorded and published by the Universityʻs Center for Oral History. Their words will be dramatically interpreted by narrators from The Statewide Cultural Extension Programs’ Readers’ Theatre with a sampling of music from that period.