Margaret Read MacDonald

Storyteller Margaret Read MacDonald
May 4, 5, 6  10:00am
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Born and raised in Southern Indiana, and author of 66 books, Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald will share tales drawing on her experience as a children’s librarian, traveling storyteller, and her PhD in folklore studies. MacDonald’s books include Peace Tales, Teaching with Story, and Pickin’ Peas. She has performed and taught workshops in schools and festivals in countries around the world including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya Egypt, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Spain, and the Philippines.

Tuesday: Borneo Tales
MacDonald shares magical Kadazan-Dusun tales from the island of Borneo.

Wednesday: One Tale, Two Continents and Beyond
MacDonald tells and discusses three versions of Type 513 Extraordinary Companions; Chet Huat Chet Hai (a Thai mythological tale), Hardy HardAss (an Appalachian variant)  and Lasa’s Canoe (a Tongan Tale).

Thursday: Attempted Romances
A girl follows a snake-man into the forest; a young man cuts off a monster’s tail to please a girl; a proud girl requires any man who woos her to wrestle her in a vat of palm oil.