Niall de Burca

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, June 22, 23, 24 at 10:00am
Storyteller  Niall de Búrca
Hosted by Kaunoa Senior Center
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Niall de Búrca is one Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers. He was raised in Galway and displayed a talent for narrative from a young age. At home, he has been featured in theatre, radio, and at many festivals including File Earraai, the CS Lewis Festival, and The National Children’s Book Festival. He has toured Hawai’i’s libraries many times in the past. In the interim, we are happy to share his talents remotely.

Tuesday: Folktales of Ireland
Just like folks in Hawai’i, the Irish have always loved talkin’ story. Niall grew up hearing multitudes of tales and has collected many more in his work traveling the highways and byways of his native land. Here he serves up a delicious feast of folk stories from the four provinces of Ireland .

Wednesday: Tales of The Gods and Goddess’ of Ireland  
Journey to Ireland with Niall and hear tales of the amazing Gods and Goddess that shaped the island and its people. These tales will fire to the imagination and take listeners on a journey back through the mists of time.

Thursday: World Tales with Niall de Búrca
In previous generations, the Irish migrated throughout the world. Today, folks from many lands come to Ireland to to seek their fortune. Did you know Galway has a substantial population of families from Brazil? And Dublin has many folks from the Baltic states? Join Niall for this fascinating session for his insight on this evolving Ireland where he’ll also share tales from far flung lands.