Nuala Hayes

Storyteller Nuala Hayes
Stories from the Turning of the Year! Cailleachai, Hags, and the Other World
October 26  10:00am HST

Nuala Hayes is an actor,  storyteller and  author. 

She is currently Chairperson of Storytellers of Ireland/ Aos Scéal Éireann. www.storytellersofireland.org  

She trained as an actor at the Abbey Theatre and has performed and toured extensively both in Ireland and abroad. Her interest in storytelling began over 25 years ago, when she founded Two Chairs Company with musician Ellen Cranitch to explore words and music in performance retelling orally Irish legends, myths and folklore. She has toured internationally to Storytelling Festivals including  U.S., Poland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Scotland, and UK. 

Nuala was the founder of Scéalta Shamhna, the first International Storytelling Festival in Dublin, which she ran for 10 years. She has also curated and administered many storytelling events, including the Farmleigh Festival of Story and Song. She was also the Artistic Co-ordinator of the FEST 2017 Conference Storytelling in Borderlands. 

She has collected oral stories in the Midlands of Ireland and on Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork.  Nuala is the author of Laois Folk Tales, published by History Press Ireland in 2015. She was the recipient of a number of Arts Council/Deis awards, including one for her CD of Irish legends and folktales The Brewery of Eggshells and Other Stories. 

She is delighted to be included in the programme in Hawai‘i in October. She will share stories of the season of Samhain, now called Halloween, including stories of the Cailleach, the old woman or hag of Irish and Scottish mythology. 

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