Since the early 1970s, Custom Programs at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Outreach College, has created and hosted innovative learning experiences for groups that need customized English language programs and seminars on various topics. Our experienced team can develop in-person and online programs for your group that will educate, inform, and inspire.


Find the right custom program for you

Our custom programs provide innovative learning experiences for groups of any size and skill level. Let us plan the perfect experience for your group.

International Seminars

Designed for groups that want to enhance their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic.

Combination Seminar/SEP

Designed for groups that want to address English language training and learning experiences in specific areas of study.

Special English Programs (SEP)

Designed for groups of students and international educational institutions that want to provide short-term, custom-designed English language programs.

International SeminarsCombination Seminar/SEPSpecial English Programs (SEP)
AudiencePrivate and government organizations, students, working professionalsPrivate and government organizations, students, working professionalsHigh school students over the age of 13, educational institutions, private and government organizations
FeaturesSeminars range in length from one hour to several days and can be combined with Special English Programs. With the resources available at the University of Hawai‘i and our contacts in the Honolulu Business community, the International Seminars team can develop highly customized seminars that will meet your business and learning goals.Combination Seminar/SEP is customized to meet your English language training goals. Our team of experts will tailor your training to specific areas of study that are of interest to your participants or your line of business.Your SEP program can be customized to meet your language and educational goals. Our team can work with you to plan a program that will best suit the needs of your sponsoring organization and students.
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Transportation, housing and activity planning assistanceYesYesYes

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