Choosing the right place to live while studying at the University of Hawai‘i is important. We recommend that you consider the pros and cons of the various options before making a decision.

Students are responsible for arranging their own housing and meals during their stay in Hawaii.

Our International Programs staff are happy to make recommendations and suggestions to guide the group sponsor in this decision and to connect the sponsor with housing providers.  For on-campus dormitory housing (UH and East West Center), our staff is happy to make arrangements on behalf of the group.  (There is an administrative charge for this.)  For hotels and homestay housing, we have found it much more efficient for the group sponsor to work directly with the housing provider on the details of the arrangements.

The UHM Outreach College does not investigate, endorse, nor guarantee the accuracy of any listing referrals, the quality of the facility listed or the listed individuals, the companies or firms listed on our Housing website. Any agreement you may enter into is solely between or amongst the involved parties. A listing on our website does not indicate University approval or endorsement of any kind.