Seminar Content
Thanks to the vast resources available at the University of Hawai‘i and the general Honolulu community, the possibilities for seminars are nearly limitless. Seminars are, however, generally academic in nature. Examples of past seminar topics…

Seminar Formats
Seminars range in length from one hour to several days and can be combined with Special English Programs. Seminars may take place in a variety of formats. For large groups, certain formats may not be feasible or practical.

Among the seminar formats:

  • Lecture: Audience-style lectures on a wide variety of interesting topics are available, usually with the assistance of an interpreter.
  • Workshop: Some topics are more conducive to group participation and are designed to teach a particular skill such as Hawaiian hula or athletic taping.
  • Site visit: Some seminars include an on-campus or off-campus visit, to the tropical agriculture laboratory or to a local hospital or school, for example.
  • Campus tour: Many seminars include a tour of the University of Hawai‘i campus. These tours are generally led by UHM students. Tours are usually conducted in English and provide an opportunity for participants to interact with local students. A visit to the UH Bookstore may be included, if desired.

Seminars are conducted in English, OR in the participants’ native language, OR in English with interpretation. Interpreters are hired as necessary.

Seminar Speakers
Most seminars are conducted by UH faculty members or qualified professionals working in the Honolulu community. Before confirming a seminar, International Programs staff will confirm the availability of qualified speakers.

Location and Facilities
Seminars are usually conducted in auditoriums or classrooms on the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa campus. The University has a variety of suitable meeting rooms for various group sizes. Before confirming a seminar, International Programs staff will confirm the availability of an appropriate facility.

University of Hawai‘i seminar certificates of participation are issued to individuals participating in seminars of three hours or more. Usually a brief closing ceremony is conducted to present the certificates.

Special Services
Standard program arrangements include the study program only. Of course, there are many additional considerations important to the success of a Special English Program. With plenty of advance notice, SEP staff is happy to assist sponsors in making arrangements for housing and meals, for transportation to and from the airport, and for additional extracurricular activities. Please note that an administrative fee is charged when International Programs provides these additional services.


Below is a partial list of topics addressed in past seminars.

  – Global Trends in International Business
  – American Jury System
  – Comparison of Legal Practices in the US and other countries

  – Trends in Public Education in the US and/or Hawai‘i
  – English Teacher Training: Innovative Methods and Approaches to Language Education

English/USA/American Culture
  – The American Family in Hawai‘i
  – American University Life
  – American Body Language

  – The History and Culture of Hawai‘i
  – Hula lecture/workshops

  – Dental Hygiene Practices in the US
  – Hawaiian Healing Methods
  – Tropical Agriculture

Global Warming

  – Japanese Immigration to the US/Hawai‘i
  – Introduction to the University of Hawai‘i: its background and systems

Social Work
  – Contemporary American Social Work Practice
  – Multicultural Social Work Practices
  – Gerontology