Payment Information

Outreach College at the UH Mānoa offers a variety of ways to pay for your education. Below you will find information about our payment options and related policies.

Before you get started

Full payment is due the day you register for a course. Payment Receipts or Billing Statements are NOT mailed. 

All communications related to payments are sent via email to the hawaii.edu email account of record.

Students are responsible for verifying their registration is accurate and payments are processed. If payment is not received, course registrations may be cancelled. Avoid financial and academic penalties by dropping courses within the 100% refund period. See our Course Academic Calendar for 100% refund deadlines.

Students who have been awarded and have accepted financial aid will have their Outreach College course(s) held until aid is applied to your student account.

Outreach College extension term tuition is paid separately and is not included in the full-time tuition cost for a regular fall or spring term.

Before the first day of class, connect to MyUH and confirm your enrollment in your course(s), verify that your payment has been processed, and check for any course changes. A receipt will NOT be mailed to you.



  • MasterCard, VISA, or any credit card accepted by the Discover Network such as Discover, Diners, and JCB
  • Any debit card accepted by NYCE, PLUS, STAR or ACCEL networks
  • eCheck or eSavings

To Setup An Authorized User

Authorized Users (parents, guardians, etc.) must first be set up by the student. Then the Authorized User should log in to the url provided in the confirmation email to make a payment.


MyUH offers an installment payment plan for the Fall and Spring terms. Carefully read the payment plan information before selecting this option. Payment plan is not available for the Summer Session or Summer Extension terms.


Check payments can be made payable to the University of Hawaii and mailed to:

University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Outreach College
2440 Campus Road, Box 447
Honolulu, HI 96822

Check payment should be accompanied by a completed Payment Form and UH Student ID indicated on the check.


You also have the option to make your payment in-person. You may go to any UH Cashier’s Office to make your cash or check payment.  UH Cashier offices do not accept in-person credit card payments for tuition.  Credit card payments must be made online.  If paying by credit card, you may access the online payment site through STAR GPS or by selecting the “Pay Tuition and Fees” task on MyUH.


International students may originate tuition payments from a bank in their home country.  Payments must be for the exact amount owed, and must be completed and processed by the bank no later than five (5) business days before the payment deadline.

  • Students can login to their MyUH account to review their balance, and then click the “Make International Payment Button” to proceed through the payment process.
  • Authorized Payers can go to https://hawaii.myonplanu.com/login to create a “New Account” or have their student add them as an Authorized Payer in the Flywire system.

Third-Party Sponsor Scholarship Payment

Third-party recipient payments are not automatically posted to your student account.

Submit via email a written financial guarantee document, purchase order, or authorization letter from the sponsor to the Outreach College Cashier at ocfiscal@hawaii.edu. After you register, notify the Outreach College Cashier at (808) 956-5899.

Financial Obligation Holds

If you have an outstanding financial obligation at any of the University of Hawai‘i institutions (e.g. tuition, housing, bounced check, library, or parking fines) a financial obligation “hold” is placed on your record. This “hold” will prevent you from registering and receiving a transcript or diploma. To clear the hold make your payment and contact the office that initiated the hold. Contact information is available on MyUH.

Students with financial obligation holds on their records may drop or withdraw from courses by contacting Outreach College Student Services for assistance.


To avoid financial penalties, drop your course(s) within the 100% refund period. See the last day to receive a refund for each course by looking at the Course Academic Calendar.


Sign up through MyUH to have your refund deposited directly into your bank account. View eRefund information.

Returned Checks

Payment tendered to the University of Hawai‘i or any department therein, and returned from the maker’s bank for any reason (e.g., insufficient funds, closed bank account, incorrect bank information) will result in a $25.00 charge and a hold will be placed on your account. DO NOT place a STOP PAYMENT on checks. A stop payment is considered a returned check. Returned checks and stop payments are not acknowledged as an official drop from courses or withdrawal from the University. Outstanding tuition and fees will remain on your student account until payment is made or courses are officially dropped during the full refund period.