How to Apply to Early College Scholars (ECS)

Please complete and submit the ECS Application and the UH System Dual Credit Application.

The ECS Application

Note: You will need to upload a copy of your high school transcript (official or unofficial) before you can submit your application. Please ask your high school counselor how to obtain a copy of your transcript.


TermApplication Deadline
Spring 2024November 10, 2023
Summer 2024April 1, 2024
Fall 2024April 1, 2024
Spring 2025October 31, 2024
Apply Now Summer 2024 & Fall 2024


Your Account

If you have previously participated in early college at a UH System campus, you may already have an account to use. Otherwise,

  1. Click the Create an Account button.
  2. Fill in the blanks (e.g., your name and contact information).
  3. Click the Create my account button at the bottom of the page.
  4. My Extended Profile: Click the drop-down menu and select Citizen (US), Non-US Citizen, US National or COFA Citizen or US Permanent Resident.

To which program are you applying?

  1. Find the search bar on the Add Programs page and enter Early College Scholars.
  2. You are looking for Early College Scholars (high school students earning college credits) term and year. To select this program, click on the + sign in the left column.
  3. You will be asked to review your program selection. Once you check that it is correct, click the Continue To My Application button.

Complete the Program Application

There are 4 parts to your application:

  1. Personal Information (6 sections)
  2. Academic History (2 sections)
  3. Supporting Information (2 sections)
  4. Program Materials (1 section)

Complete all sections and be sure to submit your application. You should receive an email confirming receipt of your application within 48 hours (aside from holidays and weekends). If you do not receive this email, please contact us (808) 956-9246 or Early.College@hawaii.edu).

The UH System Dual Credit Application

Purpose: To ensure all relevant parties support your participation in early college (i.e., dual credit).

Deadlines: Depending on your specific high school, this will be either the same as the ECS application deadline OR before the course begins. Please ask your high school counselor.

Access: Click here for the UH System Dual Credit Application


  1. Discuss your plans for early college (i.e., dual credit) with your parent/guardian and request their approval for your participation. If granted, go to Step 2. If they do not approve, stop here.
  2. Input your information online and click the SUBMIT APPLICATION at the bottom.
  3. Print or save the file as a PDF (as directed).
  4. Once printed or saved, you will see 4 signature lines on the bottom for the student, parent/guardian, High School Counselor and High School Principal.
  5. Sign and ask your parent/guardian to sign the form.
  6. Ask your high school counselor to help you with the remaining signatures.
  7. Your high school counselor will collect all forms and submit them to the ECS Coordinator.


If you have any questions about the online application process, please contact ECS staff at (808) 956-9246 or Early.College@hawaii.edu.

Helpful Terminology

dual credit – high school students take a course and earn high school credit as well as college credit. The course and grade earned are added to their high school transcript as well as their college transcript.

pre-college – Anything before graduating from high school and entering college as a freshman

early college – Earning college credits (i.e., starting an official college transcript) before graduating from high school

Early College Scholars – UH Mānoa’s dual credit program. High schools partner with UH Manoa to provide students with a sheltered course, typically on the high school campus. Students earn high school credit and college credit. Students who participate will have the course and their grade earned added to their official University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa’s transcript.

Early Start Program – One of UH Mānoa’s summer bridge programs. Incoming freshmen can take 1-2 courses during Summer Session 2 with support from program staff. In addition, students attend a weekly workshop conducted by UH Mānoa peer mentors about navigating college life and the UH Mānoa campus. Making friends, learning from current students and the experience of a UH Manoa course BEFORE the freshman year makes the transition from high school to college smoother!

sheltered – only other high school students will be in the class

Summer Scholar Program – Qualified high school students are admitted to UH Mānoa just for the summer term. As long as they meet any prerequisites, they are able to choose from any of the courses offered during the summer (over 900 courses). In addition to academic readiness, student maturity is necessary as they will take courses with college-age students.