Blended Bachelor in Early Childhood & Special Education

The Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education program allows candidates to earn their bachelor’s degree along with two teaching licenses at the early childhood level. This emphasis prepares teachers for young children with and without disabilities in preschool through 3rd grade (PK-3 ) general, inclusive, or special education settings.

Program graduates are prepared to teach in a range of settings including private preschools, Headstart programs, Hawaii Department of Education preschool classes, and other community settings.

Class Type, License, & Certification

STATEWIDE PROGRAM (online/hybrid): Available on all islands. Cohorted program. Courses are primarily online with online class sessions held in the early evenings. In addition, there are limited face-to-face weekends each semester. Neighbor island candidates travel to Oahu on select weekends; some financial support is provided to assist with travel costs. This is a blended program, meaning that blended coursework is co-taught as one class by both Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education faculty. Upon program completion, qualified candidates will be recommended for initial teacher licensure in BOTH early early childhood (PK-3) and special education (PK-3).

Course Listing

Required (72 credits)

ITE 313B PrncMthReadingInst:ECE preK-3 (V credits)

ITE 315 Field Training - Blended ECE (4 credits)

ITE 318 Child Dev Prenatal thru 8 (3 credits)

ITE 320 InstrAssmntMethMultilingLrnrs (3 credits)

ITE 321 SclStds/Sci in Early Chldhd Ed (3 credits)

ITE 324B Math, Elementary: ECE preK-3 (V credits)

ITE 326 Visual Arts, Elem (V credits)

ITE 360 Intro to Multicultural Educ (3 credits)

ITE 390B Student Teaching: ECE preK-3 (V credits)

ITE 415 Obs & Assmnt Early Chldhd Educ (3 credits)

ITE 416 Tchng&Lrng Diverse Yng Childrn (3 credits)

ITE 417 Fndtns Erly Chldhd Educ Age3-8 (3 credits)

ITE 425 Fam/Community Centerd Programs (3 credits)

SPED 304 Fnds Inclusive Schlg (3 credits)

SPED 315 Field Training - Blended ECE (4 credits)

SPED 332 Young Children with Comm Needs (3 credits)

SPED 390B Stdnt Tchng in SPED: Elem/SPED (V credits)

SPED 391B Sem Studnt Tch in SPED:El/SPED (V credits)

SPED 421B Strat for Rd Diff: El/SpEd (V credits)

SPED 461B Assmt,Plng,&Inst -M/M: El/SpEd (3 credits)

SPED 462 Assmt, Plng, & Instr-S/A (3 credits)

SPED 480B Instrl and Assist Tech:El/SpEd (V credits)

SPED 485B Classrm Org & Mgmt: Elem/SpEd (V credits)

SPED 487 Char/Strat Tchg At-Risk Stdnts (3 credits)