Dual Prep Bachelor – Elementary & Early Childhood

The Bachelor of Education degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (ECE) prepares knowledgeable, effective, and caring teachers of young children ages 3-8 years old.

Become a PK-3 Elementary School Teacher

Graduates of the ECE program possess specialized knowledge and skills in serving the developmental needs of preschool and primary aged children and their families in early childhood education and care programs.

The program provides “dual preparation,” leading to a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in both Early Childhood (PK-3) and Elementary education (K-6). Dual preparation graduates complete all the requirements of the elementary education majors plus an additional 18 credits in early childhood education.

Program graduates teach in public schools K-6, public preschools, private schools, and private preschools. Program graduates also pursue graduate degrees in early childhood education and other fields.

Once completing an initial teacher licensure program, graduates are eligible to apply for a state license through the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board, which will allow the licensee to teach in public and charter schools in the State of Hawaii.

Coursework needed prior to starting the program (9 credits):

  • Elementary Education Emphasis Courses
    • SPED 304
    • ITE/EDEF 360
    • ITE 318

Required and STRONGLY recommended to take prior to starting the program (12 credits):

  • Elementary Education Emphasis Courses
    • EDEF 310 (or EDEF 352)
    • EDEP 311
  • Early Childhood Education Emphasis Courses
    • ITE 417
    • ITE 425

Work with your Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) Academic Advisor to schedule the above Elementary Education Emphasis courses. Some of these courses may be offered in the summer.

Course Listing

Required (63 credits)

EDEF 310 Education in American Society (3 credits)

EDEP 311 Intro to Ed Psych (3 credits)

ITE 312 Intro Tching, Elem (V credits)

ITE 313 PrncMthReadingInst (V credits)

ITE 314 PrncMethWritingInst (V credits)

ITE 317 Field Experience (V credits)

ITE 318 Child Dev Prenatal thru 8 (3 credits)

ITE 320 InstrAssmntMethMultilingLrnrs (3 credits)

ITE 322 SocialStudies,Elem (V credits)

ITE 323 Science, Elementary (V credits)

ITE 324 Math, Elementary (V credits)

ITE 325 Math, Elementary II (V credits)

ITE 326 Visual Arts, Elem (V credits)

ITE 329 Perf Arts Exp K-6 (V credits)

ITE 360 Intro to Multicultural Educ (3 credits)

ITE 415 Obs & Assmnt Early Chldhd Educ (3 credits)

ITE 415L Obs & Assmt Erly Chldhd Ed Lab (3 credits)

ITE 416 Tchng&Lrng Diverse Yng Childrn (3 credits)

ITE 416L Tchng&LrngDiverseYngChldrn Lab (3 credits)

ITE 417 Fndtns Erly Chldhd Educ Age3-8 (3 credits)

ITE 425 Fam/Community Centerd Programs (3 credits)

ITE 390B Student Teaching: ECE preK-3 (V credits)

ITE 391B Sem Student Tchrs: ECE preK-3 (V credits)

SPED 304 Fnds Inclusive Schlg (3 credits)

SPED 444 Ed Excpt Stdnts Reg Clsrms Ele (3 credits)