Bachelor in Elementary Education

Become a K-6 Elementary School Teacher

Upon successful completion of this degree and submission of passing scores for the appropriate licensing tests, you will be recommended for initial teacher licensure to the Hawaii Teachers Standards Board (HTSB) to teach kindergarten through sixth grade (K-6) in a general education classroom.

K-6 teachers are typically responsible for the instruction of all core subject areas for a class of approximately 25 students and are expected to meet the academic, organizational, behavioral, and professional goals of highly qualified teachers in the United States. K-6 teachers help provide the early academic and social experiences that build a foundation for student success.

The BEd Elementary program offers two convenient delivery options, a campus-based option and a hybrid/online option.

Course Listing

Prerequisites (6 credits) - Courses required prior to start of program. Select either ITE or EDEF 360.

SPED 304 Fnds Inclusive Schlg (3 credits)

ITE 360 Intro to Multicultural Educ (3 credits)

EDEF 360 Intro to Multicultural Educ (3 credits)

Required (6 credits) - Students are strongly recommended to take these prior to start of program. Select either EDEF 310 or 352.

EDEF 310 Education in American Society (3 credits)

EDEF 352 History of Education in Hawaii (3 credits)

EDEP 311 Intro to Ed Psych (3 credits)

Professional Education Core Courses (51 credits)

ITE 312 Intro Tching, Elem (V credits)

ITE 313 PrncMthReadingInst (V credits)

ITE 314 PrncMethWritingInst (V credits)

ITE 320 InstrAssmntMethMultilingLrnrs (3 credits)

ITE 322 SocialStudies,Elem (V credits)

ITE 323 Science, Elementary (V credits)

ITE 324 Math, Elementary (V credits)

ITE 325 Math, Elementary II (V credits)

ITE 326 Visual Arts, Elem (V credits)

ITE 329 Perf Arts Exp K-6 (V credits)

AMST 405 Indigenous Literature & Film (3 credits)

ITE 390C Student Teaching: Elementary (10 credits)

ITE 391C Sem Student Tchrs:Elementary (2 credits)

Additional emphasis course (3 credits)

SPED 444 Ed Excpt Stdnts Reg Clsrms Ele (3 credits)