For RNs who have a Bachelor’s or Higher Degree


The Doctor of Nursing Practice program offers the terminal degree in Nursing Practice and is designed as a post-baccalaureate or higher degree program to meet our statewide demand for a highly competent nursing workforce equipped with the skills to ensure the delivery of safe, quality nursing care in Hawaiʻi.

DNP Specialties

  • Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner – For RNs with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Family Nurse Practitioner – For RNs with a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Post-Master’s in Organizational Leadership – For RNs with a master’s degree or higher


Visit the schoolʻs event page for upcoming online informational sessions at nursing.hawaii.edu/events/.

Course Listing


LAW 532 Health Law (V credits)

NURS 609 Health Politics & Policy (3 credits)

NURS 612 Adv Assessmnt & Clin Reasoning (2 credits)

NURS 612L Adv Assmt & Clin Reasoning Lab (1 credits)

NURS 613 Pathophysiology for Adv Pract (3 credits)

NURS 615 Adv Clinical Skills for APRN's (2 credits)

NURS 616 Psychobiol Beh and Psychopharm (3 credits)

NURS 621 Acute & Episodic Care Mgmt (3 credits)

NURS 629 Pharm for Nurses in Adv Pract (3 credits)

NURS 635 Women's Hlth: Promo & Mainten (3 credits)

NURS 640 Chronic Illness Management (3 credits)

NURS 642 Health Care Tech & Informatics (3 credits)

NURS 662 Ldship, Identity, Org/Sys Chng (3 credits)

NURS 676 Primary Care I Sem: Hlth Asmt (1 credits)

NURS 676L Primary Care I Lab (2 credits)

NURS 677 Primary Care II Sem: Adult (1 credits)

NURS 677L Primary Care II Lab (V credits)

NURS 678 Primary Care III Sem: Sp Pops (1 credits)

NURS 678L Primary Care III Lab (2 credits)

NURS 679 Primary Care IV Sem: Lifespan (1 credits)

NURS 679L Primary Care IV Lab (V credits)

NURS 695 Successful Aging: Physiologic (3 credits)

NURS 730 EBP for Advanced Nursing (3 credits)

NURS 746 Methods Pgrm Eval & Qual Imp (3 credits)

NURS 750 Hlth Systems & Translation Sci (3 credits)

NURS 768 Adv Clin Econ & Fin (3 credits)

NURS 776 DNP Project (V credits)