Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research is a 2-semester program that combines online learning with mentored clinical research.

Through the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research, students gain knowledge of clinical research and trial design, clinical research protocol development, ethical conduct of clinical research, and the skill of statistical data analysis. The program is ideal for healthcare and clinical professionals and students interested in the field of evidence-based clinical research and in careers in medicine or biomedical research. This includes those planning to apply to medical school, those seeking rewarding employment opportunities, and those having insufficient time to pursue a graduate degree. Individuals from throughout the Asia-Pacific Rim in health sciences, natural sciences, and physical sciences are encouraged to apply.

Possible career outcomes:

Potential careers in clinical research include physician researcher, clinical research coordinator, clinical trials manager, regulatory associate, and research study monitor.

Learning outcomes:

Students are expected to have developed multiple competencies upon completion of the program including:

  • Knowledge of the process of clinical research
  • Proficiency with techniques for searching the literature, principles of measurements, and practical experience in the design and conduct of scientific experiments, collection of data, and interpretation of quantitative data in the context of the scientific literature
  • Skillsets to prepare a publication for a scholarly journal or to present at seminars or meetings of scientific societies

Students have the option of pursuing the certificate full-time or part-time.

Required (8 credits)

  • QHS 600 – Biostatistics Concepts for Clinical Researchers (3 credits) or
    QHS 601 – Fundamentals of Biostatistics (3 credits)
  • BIOM 640 – Introduction to Clinical Research (3 credits)
  • BIOM 660 – Mentored Capstone Research Practicum (2 credits)

Electives (7 credits)

Students choose from among 11 offerings to pursue their individual interests.