Graduate Certificate: Teacher Leader

The Teacher Leader Graduate Certificate is an 18-credit program and partnership between the Curriculum Studies and the Educational Foundations departments to prepare teachers to lead classroom, school and district improvement through a range of leadership roles based on the Teacher Leader Model Standards.

Graduates will be prepared with the knowledge and skills to assume educational leadership roles in various school and community contexts & conduct and disseminate research to inform Teacher Leadership. The certificate may be earned with the MEd-CS, or as a certificate-only program. Students have the option of adding the field, Teacher Leader, to an existing Hawai‘i Standard or Advanced License.

Course Listing

Required (18 credits) - Sample program listing; Alternative courses may be substituted for EDCS 640, EDEF 675, and EDCS 642.

EDCS 607 New Literacies Leadership (3 credits)

EDCS 622 Curriculum Leadership (3 credits)

EDCS 630 Cultural Diversity & Education (3 credits)

EDCS 640 Seminar in Teaching Field (3 credits)

EDCS 642 Sem Diversity (1 credits)

EDEF 675 Intro to Educ Policy Studies (3 credits)