BA/Social Sciences of Oceans (online)

Designed for working adults, this accelerated online BA degree completion program is offered in five week segments. This program is flexible and focused. If you have prior college credits equivalent to an AA degree, you will earn this online Bachelor of Arts degree in less than two-and-a-half years.



Learn about the complex problems related to our oceans and island societies. Major courses span the Social Sciences, including Anthropology, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Geography, Environment, Political Science, Sociology, and Urban Planning.

Geared toward working adults, who have completed their general education or earned an Associates’s Degree, the Oceans degree is an accelerated online degree completion program offered in five-week segments with one course at a time.

Leveraging Hawai‘i’s location in the middle of the Pacific and the expertise of UH faculty, the program focuses on Oceania and perspectives from Pacific Islands as it explores issues of global importance, such as impacts of climate change; approaches to resilience; resource management and development; governance; social impacts; and human migration. The degree will prepare graduates for careers in natural resource management, city planning, community organizing, environmental consulting, policy analysts, and grant writing.

The asynchronous platform provides students with the flexibility to graduate with a BA degree equivalent to those completed at the Mānoa campus. Lower student fees and waived health requirements are among the benefits for fully online students. For more on tuition and fees, visit https://www.outreach.hawaii.edu/admissions-and-aid/tuition-and-fees/.

UH Mānoa Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree transcript is identical to that of all on-campus students.

For information or assistance please contact A.J. Simpao at ajsimpao@hawaii.edu or (808) 956-0317.

Course Listing

Required (Sample curriculum, 36 Credits, Additional credits may be required)

ANTH 350 Pacific Island Cultures (3 credits)

ECON 409 The Ocean Economy (3 credits)

ECON 442 Development Economics (3 credits)

ES 392 Change in Pacific - Polynesia (3 credits)

ES 480 Oceanic ES: Theories & Methods (3 credits)

GEOG 365 Geography of the Pacific (3 credits)

GEOG 426 Envirnmnt, Resources & Society (3 credits)

PLAN 310 Introduction to Planning (3 credits)

POLS 304 Indigenous Politics (3 credits)

POLS 380 Environmental Law and Politics (3 credits)

PLAN 414 Hazards and Resilience (3 credits)

SOC 459 Popular Culture (3 credits)