Masters in Educational Foundations: Private School Leadership (PSL)

Synchronous learning
Online courses on a set schedule with real time instructor and student interaction

The program is designed for administrators, teachers, and other educators. Instruction blends research-based knowledge with the wisdom of experienced private school leaders to prepare professionals for positions of leadership.

The PSL program is cohort-based and runs for a period of two consecutive summers, each of six weeks of face-to-face instruction, and the intervening fall and spring semesters.

Course Listing


EDEF 408 Community and Culture (3 credits)

EDEF 610 Foundations of Educ Theory (3 credits)

EDEF 630 Cultural Diversity & Education (3 credits)

EDEF 649 Field Studies in Educ Fndtns (V credits)

EDEF 667B Sem EDEF: General (3 credits)

EDEF 667C Sem EDEF: Leadership Gov Ed (3 credits)

EDEF 667F Sem EDEF: Fdns of Curriculum (3 credits)

EDEF 675 Intro to Educ Policy Studies (3 credits)

EDEF 678 Approaches to Ed Inquiry (3 credits)