Master of Education in Special Education

Synchronous learning
Online courses on a set schedule with real time instructor and student interaction


The MEd SPED, Interdisciplinary program is a 31-credit online program designed for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge and skills in providing services to individuals with disabilities.

The interdisciplinary specialization is designed primarily for graduate candidates who wish to have an advanced degree in special education/disabilities services in order to pursue special education leadership and/or research. Completion of core courses and the designated elective courses allow candidates to examine key topics and issues in special education through the lens of an educational leader while also developing skills for evaluating and disseminating special education research.  This program also allows candidates to work with their faculty advisors to individualize and accommodate candidates’ experiences, educational background and professional aspirations.


Course Listing

Required (31 credits)

SPED 602 Special Educ Law & Compliance (3 credits)

SPED 641B Sem in Issues SPED: Current (3 credits)

SPED 641D Seminar in Issues SPED:Founda (3 credits)

SPED 641F Seminar in Issues SPED: CLD (3 credits)

SPED 641G Seminar in Issues SPED: EBP (3 credits)

SPED 642 Sem on Applied Research/SPED (3 credits)

SPED 643 Seminar on the Gifted (3 credits)

SPED 688 Res Practicum in Spec Educ (3 credits)

SPED 695 Plan B Master's Project (1 credits)

SPED 699 Directed Reading and/or Rsch (V credits)