Masters in Teaching: Secondary and SPED

Synchronous learning
Online courses on a set schedule with real time instructor and student interaction


The Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT) dual licensure program in Secondary & Special Education is a statewide, two-year, field-based program designed for those pursuing careers in teaching who have earned baccalaureate degrees in fields other than education.

Synchronous learning
Online courses on a set schedule with real time instructor and student interaction


Statewide degree and certificate programs are designed to be accessible to students living on any of the islands of Hawai’i. Courses are offered online with limited face-to-face meetings each semester.  Neighbor island candidates are required to travel to Oahu on select weekends and will receive some financial support to assist with travel costs.

Upon successful completion of this degree and submission of passing scores for the appropriate licensing tests, you will be recommended for initial teacher licensure to the Hawaii Teachers Standards Board (HTSB) to teach two areas: one in a secondary (6-12) content area (English, Hawaiian Language, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies) and one in special education mild/moderate, while also obtaining a Masterʻs degree.

Stipends and Scholarships

STIPENDS (31 Credits): May be available to candidates who agree to teach SPED in a Hawaii DOE school for a minimum of 3 years after program completion.

FEDERAL TEACHER LOAN FORGIVENESS: SPED teachers at Title I schools can qualify for up to $17,500.00 in loan forgiveness.


Refer to to check for scholarship opportunities

Course Listing

Required (46 credits)

ITE 404 Teaching in the Subject Field (3 credits)

ITE 600 MEdT Program Seminar (1 credits)

ITE 602B ClinPartner&PracticeI: Lic (V credits)

ITE 603B Prof Studies II: Licensure (V credits)

ITE 604B ClinPartner&PracticeII: Lic (V credits)

ITE 610B ClinPartner&PracticeIII: Lic (V credits)

ITE 611B Prof Studies III: Licensure (V credits)

ITE 613B ProfStudies IV: Licensure (V credits)

SPED 603 Principles of Behavior (3 credits)

SPED 611 Methods and Strategies-MM (3 credits)

SPED 613 Adv Assmt & Curriculum Devlpmt (3 credits)

SPED 620 Strategies Across Content Area (3 credits)

SPED 626 Field Experience in Special Ed (3 credits)

SPED 627 Advanced Practicum (6 credits)