Master of Education on Curriculum Studies- STEMS² Master’s Track

The MEd CS STEMS² program is designed for educators who want to be transformative, connect with community, engage students in place and experiential learning, transcend disciplinary boundaries, and gain leadership skills that emphasize respect and collaboration.

The program is offered as a 13 month masters program housed in the department of Curriculum Studies at the University of Hawai’i – Manoa, College of Education. MEd CS STEMS² is a 30-credit track that focuses on real-world problem solving via project-based and place-based learning within a social context that integrate science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the social sciences while focusing on youths’ development in relation to their sense of self as local and global citizens. Teaching from a STEMS² perspective entails place-based, project-based learning where students emulate the processes of professionals in are variety of fields (i.e., historians, engineers, etc.) to design solutions to real world problems in their local and global communities.

Graduates go into a diverse array of professional fields related to education. Upon completion of STEMS² many are offered and take school leadership positions in public, private and charter schools as well as community, state and private informal education spaces. For a list of careers and current alumni activities please contact the program directly.