Online Associate Degree in Nursing to Bachelor of Science

UH Manoa Nursing is pleased to announce a new Bachelor of Science (BS) program for nurses with an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN).  Admission will be offered in August and January to provide flexibility for students to progress at their own pace. With the BS degree, the graduate can proceed to graduate education and pursue career development. An RN license is not required for admission.


Program Description

The program builds upon initial nursing preparation with coursework to enhance professional development, and provide an increased understanding of the social and physical determinants of health – the cultural, economic, and equity issues that affect the delivery of safe, quality patient care. The curriculum includes state of the art coursework on evidence-based practice, genomics, population health, and pandemics.

The 30 credit nursing curriculum provides flexibility and can be completed in 2 or more semesters – both part-time and full-time routes are available. Students take online courses available on-demand while balancing work and family responsibilities. Worksite cohorts can be created in partnership with local healthcare organizations and agencies interested in increasing the number of BS prepared nurses delivering direct patient care.


Fast Facts

•Admission in August and January

•30 credits completed at UH Manoa

•On-demand online courses

•Full-time and part-time options

•Experiential learning portfolio credit option available


Experiential Learning Portfolio for Credit

The admitted student with RN experience can request to receive nursing coursework credit by submitting an electronic Experiential Learning Portfolio. The portfolio is a collection of descriptions and material that provide direct evidence of an individual’s learning, mastery, or accomplishments over time. The descriptions and exemplars may be drawn from an individual’s job and academic related experiences.


Unofficial Transcript Review

A free, unofficial transcript review by a student advisor is available to prospective students to determine the possible length of study. The transcript review is unofficial and is offered as a guidance tool for prospective students. The official transcript review occurs once a prospective student applies to the program and submits all required documentation and fees.

Events for Prospective AD to BS Students

We recommend that prospective applicants attend a Zoom informational session. Visit the UHM Nursing event page for upcoming events.