Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Education- Secondary Education

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Teaching is an exciting and rewarding career for those interested in working with adolescents of many ages to help shape positive learning experiences both academically and socially.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Teacher Education in Secondary Education program (PBCTE-Secondary) welcomes busy professionals from the neighbor islands who hold a bachelor’s degree and find time and distance constraints of furthering an on-campus degree too difficult.

PBCTE-Secondary is an 18-month certificate program designed for students who have a BA or BS degree and wish to obtain initial basic teacher certification. To enroll, students must have completed an academic content major appropriate to their proposed teaching subject and pass the PRAXIS Content knowledge test. It consists of nine interrelated courses totaling 33-36 credits. Students who complete this initial teacher licensure program are encouraged to continue their professional growth. PBCTE-Secondary students may apply up to 12 course credits from the program to a College of Education (COE) master’s degree program. Students must negotiate course transfer at the time of application to the master’s program.

Required Subject Matter and Teaching Practicum Courses:

  • ITE 402 (Alpha): Teaching Practicum, Field Experience, 2 days/week + Seminar
  • ITE 404 (Alpha): Teaching in the Subject Field
  • ITE 405 (Alpha): Teaching Residency, Supervised Full-Time Teaching, 5 days/week

Course Listing

Required (Minimum of 21 credits)

ITE 401 Disciplinary Literacies (6-12) (3 credits)

ITE 402N Teaching Practicum: Interdisc (V credits)

ITE 440 Curr Implicatn of Multicult Ed (3 credits)

EDEF 610 Foundations of Educ Theory (3 credits)

EDEP 631 Adolescence & Education (3 credits)

SPED 445 Ed Excpt Stdnts Reg Clsrms Sec (3 credits)

ITE 406 Seminar in Teaching Residency (3 credits)

Required Subject Matter Course (3 credits) ITE 404
Required Teaching Practicum (Minimum of 6 credits) ITE 402 and ITE 405