Master of Education in Curriculum Studies- Progressive Philosophy and Pedagogy

The MEd-CS Interdisciplinary Education track with an emphasis on Progressive Philosophy and Pedagogy is a 30-credit graduate program designed for educators and scholars from diverse disciplines and contexts, who are interested in building our collective capacity for creating a better future society for today’s children.

Unique to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM), this program is grounded in Hawai‘i’s long and rich progressive education movement and is built upon the UHM College of Education’s partnerships with a number of local schools and organizations, who are bringing the theories and practices of early progressive educators into the twenty-first century.

Experiences in the program are framed around:

  • An initial series of face-to-face summer seminars,
  • Distance learning,
  • and a two-week immersive field experience so program participants can continuously apply what they are learning to their home schools and contexts.

Grounded in an “intellectually safe philosophical community of inquiry” learning model, participants wrestle with real-world problems first hand, critically examine the progressive education movement and its relevance to Hawai‘i, and collaborate to carry forward the larger project of social justice.

At the program’s completion, participants submit a portfolio that demonstrates individual and collective progress around the program’s core values of: experience, inquiry, dialogue, action, and reflection.

In addition to earning a Masters in Curriculum Studies, program completers will also earn a UHM College of Education Philosophy for Children Hawai‘i Endorsed Certificate.

Who should consider this program

Formal and informal educators, scholars, and community members who are interested in the potential of progressive philosophy and pedagogy to both enhance their own professional practice and create socially just systems for the promotion of a diverse democracy.

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Graduates are recognized for their advanced knowledge and expertise in progressive philosophy and pedagogy. They are prepared to be leaders in school and community settings. Additionally, they are eligible to teach and lead at the community college or university level.