Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education

This 3-for-1 program allows candidates to earn their bachelor’s degree along with two teaching licenses at the early childhood level. This cohorted program is offered statewide and is a series of coursework taken as the final two years of the bachelor’s degree in education. This emphasis prepares teachers for young children with and without disabilities in preschool through 3rd grade (PK-3) general, inclusive, or special education settings.

Who should consider this program

People who:

  • Want to teach preschool to 3rd grade general education settings, and/or
  • Want to teach preschool to 3rd grade special education settings, and/or
  • Want to teach in early childhood private preschool programs, and/or
  • Want to teach in Head Start programs or other community programs

Career and Licensure Information

Upon program completion, qualified candidates will be recommended for initial teacher licensure in BOTH early early childhood (PK-3) and special education (PK-3). Program graduates are prepared to teach in a range of settings including private preschools, Headstart programs, Hawaii Department of Education preschool classes, and other community settings.

  • Preschool to 3rd grade general education teacher, and/or
  • Preschool to 3rd grade special education teacher, and/or
  • Early childhood private preschool teacher, and/or
  • Head Start teacher or other community program teacher

Once completing an initial teacher licensure program, graduates are eligible to apply for a state license through the Hawai‘i Teacher Standards Board, which will allow the licensee to teach in public and charter schools in the State of Hawai‘i.

Hawai‘i also participates in the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement which facilitates the mobility of educators among states that are members of NASDTEC. UHM recommends you contact the office of certification in any state to which you may be relocating to get the most current information. See NASDTEC website for more information.