Outreach College students have access to University Health Services on the UH Mānoa campus.
UH Manoa Health Services

University Health Services Mānoa

1710 East-West Road
(808) 956-8965
M-F, 7:45am-4:30pm
(Call for clinic hours)

Located on East-West Road next to Kennedy Theater, UHSM offers general medical services on a walk-in basis and specialty services by appointment. A pharmacy is available for prescription and non-prescription medications. See the health service website for information on services, including specific specialty clinics and health education programs. The UHSM website also provides links to health resources and updated information on infectious diseases and other health concerns. For emergencies call 911.

Students are not required to have insurance to use the clinics, although all students are strongly advised to obtain health insurance coverage. The clinics accept most non-HMO plans; the student is responsible for co-payments or charges not covered by insurance. Outreach College students who have paid the term fee are eligible to use the health service. Students in Outreach College programs that are not charged the term fee will be charged a surcharge plus the standard fees for medical services. Please go to UHSM website or call 956-8965 if you have questions about eligibility to receive services.

Please note the following:

* Students who are under 18 are required to have a signed “parental consent” before services can be provided.

*If you have special health needs, bring a letter from your personal physician explaining the nature of the problem and recommending appropriate treatment. Special treatments such as ongoing allergy injections are not administered unless specific written instructions have been provided by the prescribing physician.

*International students coming from abroad must complete a tuberculosis test in the U.S. Skin tests and vaccinations are available on campus.